First train-the-trainer DigEm workshop in Santander, Spain

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The first train the trainer workshop in the framework of European project DigEm took place in Santander, Spain, on 30th March 2010 and was organized by Spanish partner DOCUMENTA. In this workshop participated twelve (12) persons from all the partner organizations who cooperate in DigEm project, which is coordinated by DIMITRA ITD. There were participants from UK, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Cyprus and Greece.
The main objectives were to present to trainees the methodology of creating personal digital stories, to train them on using methods and techniques for managing good working atmosphere in the group, on techniques developing of communicative, narrative and writing skills and on use of technological equipment that will be needed for the implementation of DigEm trainings. 
Trainees followed the until now developed methodology and participated in a deep interactive debate where were exchanged educational experiences, good practices and suggestions about the developing and improvement of educational material and the procedure, but also about the arrangement of the technical equipment, software and the timetable of the training. Next train-the-trainer workshop will have two days duration and will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 13th and 14th May 2010.      

DigEm was presented to the public in Ostrava

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DigEm was presented on the creative Christmas market in Ostrava on 7th December 2010 The Czech digital tales that came from the October training of trainers were projected there. The participants were mostly women from the target group. They were also told about the training of end users that will take place in Ostrava on the beginning of year 2011. The short digital stories have been considered interesting way to present a story and a real concern about the training of end users was shown.

Briefing with VET representatives in Ostrava (CZ)

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Briefing with VET organization Institute for Women took place on 3th December in Ostrava. DigEm project was presented to the representatives of this organization and it was discussed. It was also agreed to project the digital stories from the October training of trainers on the Christmas market that was prepared by Institute for Women for the 7th December 2010.

DigEm was presented in Slovenia

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DigEm project has been presented at the European Outplacement Framework (EOF) project ,in Bled,  Slovenia, 17th November 2010.  EOF refers to  Vocational Support for People with Difficulties on Employment Access and develops a Methodological guide for outplacement-tutors/mentors as well as a good practice catalogue of instruments for promoting outplacement. Main aim of the EOF meeting was to develop the modules and methodology for the training of  outplacement-tutors/mentors  in order to introduce new tools for the empowerment of groups at risk of exclusion to succeed employability. Digital Stories have been considered as a great and innovative tool for the trainers, that could be used at EOF tutors/mentors  workshops for the empowerment of the people with difficulties on employment access.

Įvyko trečiasis Digem partnerių susitikimas

Trečiasis Digem partnerių susitikimas įvyko spalio 7-8 dienomis Ostravoje, Čekijoje.Jame dalyvavo visi partneriai iš Graikijos, Ispanijos, Kipro, Lenkijos, Čekijos, Lietuvos ir D.Britanijos. Susitikimo metu buvo pristatyta metodologija kuria vadovaujantis bus vykdomi lektorių ir galutinių vartotojų mokymai. Vyko visų iki šiol partnerių įvykdytų darbų aptarimas,taip pat buvo aptarti projekto viešinimo klausimai. Vyko projekto programos ir kokybės vertinimo kriterijų aptarimas. Po susitikimo buvo vykdomi lektorių mokymai skirti supažindinti su Digem metodika skirta skaitmeninėms istorijoms kurti.

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