Project Showcase Organised in Vilnius

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On March 16 DIGEM project partner from Lithuania has organised the Project Showcase. 

Almost 30 people have attented the showcase. The event was focused on both project partners, end users and trainers as well as representatives from implementing agencies and trainers that have not been involved in the project before. Erika Daniene from SEDC has recapped on key milestones of DIGEM and provided information as well as examples of what ws achieved in order to facilitate sharing of the ideas, best practices and methods. All of the participants considered the digital storytelling tool that was developed during the project as useful and effective.

Project trainers commented some of the more memorable aspects of training of endusers and working with methodology.

Sample of digital stories that have been created by Lithuanian and foreign participatns have been displayed so that some examples and ideas can be discussed. 

Since our target group in Lithuania was unemployed women and women in general - we have a short debate on equal opportunities, gender rights and role of women in Lithuania and elsewhere.

The event ended up with cosy reception and a glass of wine. 

Some photos from the event:



National showcase – presentation of DigEm project at the ISIM conference in Warsaw

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ISIM-DigEm national showcase in Poland

ISIM conference - Information Systems In Management will be held on 24th and 25th November 2011 in Warsaw. The conference is organized by the Department of Informatics of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW. The conference focuses on information technology as means of application of technology and information systems in economics, finance and banking, logistics, business management and public administration.


A session devoted to the implementation of an international project DigEm financed with support from the European Commission will be hosted during the conference, on 25th November. The aim of the session is to present the project, its objectives as well as elaborated methodology and tools. The presentation is part of the dissemination and publicity activities for the project.

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5th Transnational Commitee Meeting in Nicosia, CYPRUS, October 2011

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The 4th Steering Commitee meeting was held in Nicosia Cyprus on the 6th and 7th of October. The agenda included

  • A presentation by Document of the evaluation of Training of End Users Pilots
  • Revision of the Methodology Guide and suggestions for Improvement
  • A presentation by EDITC of the dissemination activities performed by the Partners
  • A presentation by SEPC of the Train the Trainers workshop held in Vilnious, Lithuania


Train the Trainers in Cyprus, 7th and 8th of October 2011

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The last Train the Trainers workshop is planned to take place in Cyprus, at EDITC premices.  The scheduled dates are 6th and 7th of October.

The planned workshop aims in creating a network of trainers in Cyprus in order to promote the DIGEM methodology among the Cyprus Trainers Community.

National Showcase - CYPRUS 6th of October 2011

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The Cyprus Partner EDITC is planning an event and a National Showcase on the 6th of October 2011. People that have participated in the end user pilots, people from various disadvantaged groups and other stakeholders have been invited at the event and the showcase. It is expected that a total of 70 people will attend the two events.

The aim of the event is to present the Digem methodology to stakeholders as well as to people that might wish to re-engage in the learning process. We believe that it is imperative that this methodology is presented and explained to stakeholders as to what innovative it has to offer as well as to how it maybe used in the learning process.

After the event, videos from the train the trainers and end user pilots will be showcased. A coktail will follow for the participants and more videos will be projected on a whitescreen at the same time.

As there will be both Greek speaking and English speaking attendees at the event and showcase, translation equipment will be provided to the participants

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