Digem project presented at the e-STAS Symposium

Digem project was presented at the e-STAS Symposium in Malaga Spain, during the “Jam Session between attendants”, thanks to the invitation of the people of Fundación Cibervoluntarios.
e-STAS is a Symposium of Technologies for Social Action and Citizen Empowerment and it was born to go further with the activities Fundación Cibervoluntarios did at the World Summit on the Information Society (2003-2005) in which want to highlight something essential: the work to promote social and digital inclusion is a multi stakeholder and international work.



Digem People are Online

Here we are. We are a big team ready to start !!!

DigEm goes Facebook

Starting the dissemination activities for the project, we have just create a page in Facebook not only to connect the partners but encourage and promote the active participation of different people.

Web Site and ICT Tool are Live

The Project's Web Site and the ICT Tool are live at There will be a period of 2 weeks testing in order to finalize the all structure and start using them.

DigEm – Kick off meeting in Larisa, December 2009

DigEm – Kick off meeting took place on 30/11 and 1/12 2009 in Larissa, Greece. The participants present the Aims and objectives of DigEm project, the Training Methodology & Training Package, the Pilot Training (Trainers / end users), the Dissemination of the project, the e-content Platform, the Networking Community and the ISO and  Quality Plan.

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