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Digem was presented at the Tuning into Diversity 2010 Conference

Digem was presented at the Tuning into Diversity 2010 Conference regarding, how media and civil society can cooperate to make the media more diverse, held in Budapest on 25th and 26th of February 2010. Around 200 participants from 14 EU countries joined this international conference taking place at the Millenaris Center in the heart of Budapest.

Making the media more diverse and truly reflecting the European multicultural society is a responsibility of both the media and organizations representing third-country nationals living in Europe. To achieve this change both the parties should participate in constructive dialogues to support the interculturalisation process of the media. How can journalists and media professionals develop parallel work to make the media more diverse? Which tools and methodologies are in place to make this change? What is working at community and local level and what can be changed at national and European level?

By answering those and other questions, the Tuning in to Diversity 2010 Conference offered journalists and other media practitioners, to representatives of immigrant and minority organizations and to researchers in the field of media and diversity an unique occasion to meet, exchange, and learn from each other.

Digem project presented at the e-STAS Symposium

Digem project was presented at the e-STAS Symposium in Malaga Spain, during the “Jam Session between attendants”, thanks to the invitation of the people of Fundación Cibervoluntarios.
e-STAS is a Symposium of Technologies for Social Action and Citizen Empowerment and it was born to go further with the activities Fundación Cibervoluntarios did at the World Summit on the Information Society (2003-2005) in which want to highlight something essential: the work to promote social and digital inclusion is a multi stakeholder and international work.



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