Reklama Pagrindinės naujienos Great interest for DigEm project in International Conference for Education and Integration of Vulnerable Social Groups

Great interest for DigEm project in International Conference for Education and Integration of Vulnerable Social Groups

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From 24th until 26th of June 2011 held in Thessaloniki, in University of Macedonia, the International Conference entitled: Education and Social integration of Vulnerable Social Groups. The International Conference organized by KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals), University of Macedonia (Department of Educational and Social Politic) and the University of California (Department of Psychiatric of University of San Diego), in collaboration with the Social and Political Institutions Workshop (Department of Sociology of University of the Aegean), the Hellenic Education Society, the Balkan Society for Pedagogy and Education, and the Interdisciplinary Network for Special and intercultural Education (INCLUDE).
Because of the high prestige and the scientific significance of the agents who organized this International Conference and of the current interest about the relation between lifelong learning and social integration of vulnerable social groups, this conference attracted a large amount of lecturers and participants from the majority of educational institutions in Greece, public services, NGO’s, but also independent researchers, scientists and trainers. Participation from abroad was high and many of the conference’s sessions worked out in English (indicatively, there was lecturers from University of California, Manchester, London, Heidelberg, Munich, and participants from India, Australia, Nepal, Thailand and China).
In a context like this was chosen to be presented DigEm European project by ms Vaso Anastasopoulou, from DIMITRA ITD which is the coordinator of the program. DigEm was presented both through experiential workshop and oral presentation.   
Experiential workshop: DigEm experiential workshop held on Saturday 24 of June and was attended by teachers and social scientists, members of NGO’s and agencies of care of vulnerable social groups. The participants showed a great interest for the innovative educational dynamic of digital stories that utilizes the DigEm method. Given the limited implementation time of the workshop (three hours), it was sought the fullest possible presentation of the idea of the DigEm project and an important first familiarization with and training on the techniques of narrative skill’s development and scriptwriting. 
Participants watched digital stories that have already been created within DigEm project (from train the trainers and train the end users workshops) and pointed out that DigEm methodology can be useful both for digital and social empowerment of vulnerable social groups with which they work. It is worth noting that one of the main objectives of the DigEm project is training of professionals and members of NGO’s which are activated on education and integration of vulnerable social groups in order to spread the methodology to the greatest possible number of end users.
Oral presentation: On Sunday 25th of June, in the session entitled “Methods and Good Practices”, was presented the methodological approach of DigEm project, in a crowded hall of academics, social scientists, researchers, social workers, members of NGO’s, educators and trainers. For the convenience of the people, was used a power point presentation in greek language by ms Vaso Anastasopoulou, who presented some examples of digital stories which created in DigEm workshops. People’s interest was high and after the session many participants requested additional information from Ms Anastasopoulou and took the project’s brochures. 
Here is the link for the International Conference’s program