Reklama Pagrindinės naujienos Presentation of DigEm: Digital Empowerment project in Pineios River Festival

Presentation of DigEm: Digital Empowerment project in Pineios River Festival

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In 11th Pineios River Festival in Larissa presented DigEm project between 11th and 18th of June 2011. The Pineios River Festival takes place every year in the city of Larissa (Greece) in first weeks of summer and attracts thousands of visitors. This year the festival was devoted to volunteerism. It is worth mentioning that a large part of the festival was covered by organizations and agencies dealing with social services and combating social exclusion. Visitors had the opportunity to be informed by the representatives of the organizations for their social and educational activities and receive related material and brochures.  
Presentation of DigEm project was located in the section of social agencies and nongovernmental organizations. The spot chosen was next to the kiosk devoted to integration of third country immigrants. It was used projector, projection screen and a sound box for the presentation of selected digital stories which created during DigEm train-the-trainer and train-the-end user workshops. People of DIMITRA ITD informed visitors about the characteristics and the objectives of the project and distributed DigEm brochures and related material.
Visitors showed great interest in the developmental possibilities of digital and social empowerment provided through the creation of digital stories and declared that they would like themselves to have the skills acquired by end users after their participation in the DigEm workshops.