Publicity General News Train the trainer workshop on the DigEm methodology in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 29-30 of April 2011

Train the trainer workshop on the DigEm methodology in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 29-30 of April 2011

DigEm train the trainer workshop was implemented once again successfully in the framework of European program DigEm: Digital Empowerment, which is being coordinated by DIMITRA ITD. The train the trainer workshop took place in the Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance in Vilnius-Lithuania, on 29 and 30 of April 2011 and organized by the Lithuanian partner Social and Economic Center (SEDC).
In this workshop participated as trainers two persons from SEDC (Rugile Butkeviciute και Kamile   Butkeviciute), one person from DIGITALES (Outti Vellacott) and one person from DIMITRA ITD (Nikos Mandrekas). The twelve (12) trainees came mainly from Lithuania and were selected because of their access to target groups of the program, namely those with no/few formal qualifications, socially excluded groups, older learners, women over 45, minority ethnic groups in order to motivate them to increase their employability.
The objectives of the DigEm train the trainer workshop was to familiarize trainees with the idea of utilizing digital stories for the development of digital and social skills of end users from vulnerable social groups, to develop narrative and writing scenario skills, to be trained on software that is used in DigEm workshops and to experience practically the procedures which will be asked to manage as trainers of end users in the future.
The trainees, through the successful guidance of the four trainers, acquainted with the methodology, techniques, tools and educational material included in the methodological guide that has already been developed from the project implementation until now. The used approach is experiential. That means that trainees experienced the DigEm method rather than passively watching a presentation. Utilizing creative techniques used by the Mass Media, such as the creation of stories-scenarios focused on experiential experiences, theater, photography, music, video clip and narration production, each of the trainees created by a two-minute digital story, which will be posted on the official website of the project ( The abovementioned methodology will be able to be used from different target groups and at the same time in a wide range of educational programs depending on the control handling of the tools by the trainer. 
DigEm is an innovative digital empowering project that uses a creative approach to teaching ICT skills and provides an effective entry route for learners disengaged with the learning process, or not confident with new technologies. DigEm develops communication skills by using creative tools/media techniques, focused on people's own lives, through story-telling, photography, music, video and narrative. The project is being coordinated by DIMITRA ITD with the participation of partner organization from eight European Countries: England, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Greece.
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