Reklama Seminarai Second DigEm workshop in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Second DigEm workshop in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

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On 20th, 21st and 22nd of June 2011, implemented the second workshop of digital empowerment in Ostrava of Czech Republic, by the Czech partner ATHENA (Association for Education and Development of Women), in the framework of DigEm project which coordinated by DIMITRA ITD and participate organizations from England, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus and Greece.
In this workshop participated seven (7) unemployed women (some of them suffer from long-term unemployment so they also encounter social exclusion) who following the DigEm method created digital stories based on issues of family life on leisure time activities. 
It is worth mention that the number of interested women to participate in this specific workshop was bigger than the final number of the participants. The choice of the final participants done based on the compatibility between the workshop schedule and the available time of the trainees. Because the trainees participated together in other educational activities of the ATHENA (thus they already knew each other and quickly created the necessary atmosphere of trust), and because they had already basic skills of computer use, this specific workshop had the opportunity to give greater emphasis on narrative skills development. 
The participants, under the successful guidance of the ATHENA’s trainers, came totally prepared keeping rich personal photographic material, so there wasn’t needed to seek additional material from the internet (although this was possible).   
In the final stage of the educational process that includes the presentation of personal digital stories (available on the official DigEm site,, trainees showed completely satisfied with their work and the DigEm methodology and were enthusiastic in relation with their enhanced self-confidence.