Publicita Školení Digem workshop for unemployed women in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Digem workshop for unemployed women in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

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On 9th and 10th of April 2011, implemented the workshop of digital empowerment in Ostrava of Czech Republic, by the Czech partner ATHENA (Association for Education and Development of Women), in the framework of DigEm project which coordinated by DIMITRA ITD and participate organizations from England, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus and Greece.
In this workshop participated eight (8) unemployed women (some of them suffer from long-term unemployment so they also encounter social exclusion) who were asked to create each a personal digital story about their life. The objective of this thematic (about their living experience) was to increase the self-confidence of unemployed women since through the process of personal narrative is possible to understand better the elements of social exclusion that threatens them and find ways to confront it.    
The trainees were already involved in different educational projects of ATHENA and other Czech partners of ATHENA, and they knew each other well. This fact helped in a quick and easy creation of atmosphere of trust between the group and because of that, there was more time for warm up games related to narrative skills development. The participants, under the successful guidance of the ATHENA’s trainers, came totally prepared keeping rich personal photographic material, so there wasn’t needed to seek additional material from the internet (although this was possible).   
The women were really satisfied with them and they were really surprised how easy it can be to create their own digital presentation/story. When in the end of the training the videos were played it positively influenced their self-confidence, because they found out what they were able to create a digital story (videos are available on official DigEm site, Many participants said they would continue to apply the method in their everyday life.