Reklama Seminarai DigEm Storytelling workshop in Santander-Spain, for people experiencing social exclusion

DigEm Storytelling workshop in Santander-Spain, for people experiencing social exclusion

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In Santander of Spain took place, from 19 until 27 of May 2011, a workshop for digital stories with the already developed methodology of DigEm project (in total 25 hours duration). To implement this action, the Spanish DigEm partner DOCUMENTA cooperated with the Municipal Authority of the City of Santander and the network EAPN-Cantabria (European Networking against Poverty and Social Exclusion).
This workshop was attended by nine (9) trainees and the thematic was situations of social exclusion and possibilities to overcome them. For the successful implementation of this workshop DOCUMENTA took into account one of the main objectives of the DigEm project, namely the dissemination of the program through NGOs for the widest possible spreading among vulnerable social groups and its connection with other activities aimed at social integration in regional level. This goal was achieved through the cooperation between DOCUMENTA and the network EAPN-Cantabria (European Network against Poverty and Social Exclusion).
Another element of successful implementation of the workshop was the first day that was dedicated to theoretical analysis of social exclusion and inclusion. This theoretical introduction lasted five and a half hours (5 ½) and was attended by 25 potential participants for the DigEm workshop. The eight (8) trainees came from these 25 people, while another person was involved by DOCUMENTA. 
The trainees showed great satisfaction and enthusiasm for DigEm method (which strengthened their social and digital skills) and created high quality videos within a very short time. On the last day of the workshop were presented the videos which prepared by the trainees, both to the nine trainees and to people who had attended the first day of the theoretical part of the workshop. These videos are available on the official website of the DigEm project ( and also have English subtitles.
Trying to get as much dissemination as possible, DOCUMENTA invited Samuel Ruiz, the City Councilor of Employment, Youth and New Technologies to participate in the closing activity and to see some of the videos made by the people attending the training; who, together with Javier Farto as President of DOCUMENTA, gave them the certificates of attendance.