Reklama Seminarai DigEm training for unemployed women in retirement age in Warsaw-Poland

DigEm training for unemployed women in retirement age in Warsaw-Poland

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With the cooperation of the University of Third Age (U3A) in Warsaw, was implemented by the polish partner of DigEm project (Multimedia Education Center at Warsaw University – SGGW) a workshop on DigEm methodology, from 25 November until 12 December 2010 (in total 24 hours duration). 
This training course is part of the cycle of educational workshops aimed at target groups of DigEm project, those who have few or no formal qualifications, members of socially excluded groups, older learners, women over 45, members of minority ethnic groups, in order to motivate them to increase their employability and social participation. 
In this training course participated as trainees seven (7) unemployed women at retirement age and hence, disengaged with the learning process and not confident with new technologies. The main theme of the developed digital stories was based on the life experiences of the participants.
Through the successful guidance of trainers Robert Budzynski, Daria Panasiuk and Anna Pacholec, the trainees acquainted with the methodology, techniques, tools and educational material included in the methodological guide that has already been developed from the project implementation until now. The used approach is experiential. That means that trainees experienced the DigEm method rather than passively watching a presentation. Utilizing creative techniques used by the Mass Media, such as the creation of stories-scenarios focused on lived experiences, theater, photography, music, video clip and narration production, each of the trainees created by a two-minute digital story, which will be posted on the official website of the project ( It is worth mentioned that participants were enthusiastic with the training method and positively surprised by their active participation and acquaintance acquired with new technologies.