Digital story workshop in the Hostel of Unaccompanied Underage Asylum Seekers in Oraiokastro of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Digital story’s workshop for end users was implemented from 12th until 14th of July 2011 in the Hostel of Unaccompanied Underage Asylum Seekers in Oraiokastro of Thessaloniki, in the framework of European project DigEm that is coordinated by DIMITRA ITD and participate partner organizations from England, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Greece.  
This workshop had 18 hours duration and implemented by trainer Aggeliki-Eleni Bizouni, IT expert Konstantinos Koutsonicolas, and post-graduate student Penny Couloglou who participated voluntarily. Initially in the workshop participated six (6) underage boys from Afghanistan, between 16 and 18 years old, but finally only four (4) of them created digital stories.  It is worth mentioned that members of this specific target group is very difficult to commit to attend all the stages of the workshop because their main objective for staying legally in Greece is to find a job, even casual. This was the reason why the two of the six trainees didn’t complete all the stages of the DigEm workshop.
The working language in the workshop was Greek and a multicultural mediator helped both trainers and trainees when someone had problem with specific terms. Trainees had very little knowledge how to use a computer. They were mainly self-taught users through short time period using the digital equipment of the Hostel. The digital equipment of the Hostel for the implementation of the DigEm workshop wasn’t ideal. But that fact allowed assessment of the adaptability and flexibility of the DigEm methodology to different educational environments and to target groups with different cultural background. 
The digital stories which created had personal and experiential characteristics and related either to childhood experiences in the country of origin or the personal story of the trainees on their adventurous odyssey from Afghanistan to Greece. Trainees utilized with imaginative way material found on the internet (copyright free), as they hadn’t personal pictures or other audio-visual material. They enjoined all the workshop’s stages, especially the procedure of scenario writing and film digital editing. At the end of the workshop they asked the trainers to repeat a similar workshop in order to try more difficult and demanding techniques and to advance their acquired digital skills. The four digital stories from the specific workshop will be available very soon on official website (www.digem.eu).